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Some of our clients
The flavoredmilk.com domains have been successfully transferred, as I am sure you noticed. I and the entire company thank you again for the opportunity to acquire those domains.
Wishing you the very best New Year,
-- Dennis Chapman, CIO, Bravo Brands
Avado Brands
Bravo Brands
Dabur India Ltd.
Diamond.com, An Odimo company.
Thanks for your help.
-- John Mc, Exhibit Solutions Inc.
Exhibit Solutions Inc.
The Camera co. (UK) Ltd.
Arvind, thank you for your patience and for making the transfer a smooth process.
-- LeRoy, TSAinc.com
Paradise Fountains Inc.
Mass Connections Inc.
Thank you Arvind. We are very satisfied with the transfer. Thanks again for making it so simple.
-- Jody ForehandSr. Product Manager,
    eBeam Electronics for Imaging, Inc.
Dotcom Agency Ltd.
Transaction Systems Architects Inc.
Arvind,Thank you for the Domain transfer, everything seems to be working.
We thank you for doing business with us.
-- Eric Hooper
    HumaTech, Inc.
Hills Café, Austin, Texas
Bizit, Milan, Italy
Electronics for Imaging Inc.
Nice to do business with you, the transaction went smooth as anticipated. If you come across names like this in the future, please don't hesitate to pass them by us.
-- Michael Labate, Diamond.com,
    An Odimo Company
Technical Gear Inc.
Adhesive Label Company. UK
Advertising Balloons Inc.
Tornado Exhibitions UK
The Waiter's Friend Company Limited.
Cerebral Designs Limited
Great Job, Great Service. Thanks.
--Wendi Robirds, Sales/Marketing Manager,
   Arial Software Inc.
Bavarian Engine Exchange, Inc
Arial Software LLC.
Pacific Business Capital Corporation
Thanks for the confirmation. Everything went smooth & fantastically right. It was a pleasure working with you.
-- Bavarian Engine Exchange, Inc
Hawaii Shirts Inc.
Mayfair Jewellers Ltd.
Yipeeeeeee! Glad everything worked out. Next time you're in the states and near one of our locations, please give me a buzz so that I can send you a complimentary dinner for two.
-- Janetta, Canyon Café

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